The Newport Museum Postcard Museum

The Newport Museum Postcard Museum, 2008

installation: +300 photographs/archival ink prints, wood braces (dimensions variable)


images: installation details, The Newport Museum Postcard Museum

The installation The Newport Museum Postcard Museum is a fictive museum composed of over 300 postcard-sized images photographed from the collection, displays and signage at the Newport Museum and Art Gallery, a regional museum in South Wales, UK. The images are printed to resemble the postcard-souvenirs that typically commemorate museum collections. In my photographs, I emphasize the subjective, personal nature of the experience of looking at art. When visiting a museum collection, for instance, my attention is invariably drawn to details. I am especially aware of reflections and glare, and attracted to the captions accompanying the artwork. The photographs in my project represent this fleeting kind of vision, with their narrow points of focus, side-glances, and fragmentation. In this manner, the art museum is refashioned in a collection of photographic reproductions of details, extracts and wayward objects. My aim is to delight the spectator and more: to engage her in a playful approach to the study of art that reveals novel connections and evokes imaginative interpretations.

Click HERE for the essay by curator Emma Dean