Media as Mediation
24 October 2017
Scheimpflug Lecture Series
A round table discussion hosted by SVA MFA Photo & Related Media in collaboration with Critical Practices Inc.
School of Visual Arts, NYC

My photographs, in "Communing with Dore Ashton" by Michael Corris in Art Journal Open
April 2017
The College Art Association, NY

Conversation with artist Naho Taruishi: When an Image Forgets
26 February 2017
1@111, NYC

Rome: Reflections on The Eternal City
13 January – 24 February 2017
Mark W. Potter Gallery at The Taft School
Watertown, CT

Book Party!
Viewing reception for The Arctic Plants of New York City by James Walsh
14 November 2016
1@111, NYC

Just Six Degrees
July 2016
Asked one question – Who inspires you right now? – Japanese illustrator Yuko Shimizu cites graphic designer John Gall, who cites photographer Jason Fulford, who cites Dutch artist Elisabeth Tonnard, who cites me. I conclude this six person thread by citing Brooklyn-based artist and writer James Walsh.

"Illuminating Pictures: Readings on Word + Image" by Madeline Djerejian
Art Journal, issue Fall 2015
The College Art Association, NY

Homage to Dore Ashton
9 December 2015
Great Hall of The Cooper Union for the Advancement of Science and Art, NYC

galleryELL, NYC
7 October 2015 – 24 January 2016
Nigel Cox, Madeline Djerejian, Emma Finch, Mikhail Gubin, Aksel Haagensen, Linda Hubbard, Michal Huss, Shreepad Joglekar, Eric Juth, Caroline King, James Moore, Nikkita Morgan, Jad Oakes, Julia Owens, Lara Proctor, Eleana Stoikou, O. Yemi Tubi

A Welcome to Spring! Poetry & Other Readings
26 April 2015
Joshua Beckman, Laura Catherine Brown, Mary Chivers, Madeline Djerejian, Rachel Gugelberger, Belinda McKeon, James Walsh
1@111, NYC

Spring Exhibition
April 2015
Spacetime Gallery, Long Island City, NY
Madeline Djerejian, Rachel Fainter, Kent Johnson, James Payne, Anjuli Rathod, Daniel Roberts, Christopher Yockey

Brown Foundation Fellowship at the Dora Maar House 
June 2014
Ménerbes, France

Once upon a Time, There Was the End
April 18 – June 28 2014
The Center for Book Arts, NYC
Madeline Djerejian, Ellen Harvey, Warren Lehrer, Loren Madsen, MomenTech, Mitch Patrick, Emilio Chapela Pérez, Lisa Schilling, Sara Shaoul, Karina Aguilera Skvirsky, Andrew Norman Wilson