Inscape: In Memory of Dore Ashton

Inscape: In Memory of Dore Ashton

mixed media for installation:  A Fable of Modern Art (book), A Reading of Modern Art (book), bookstand, clay pot, fabrics, fresh fruits and flowers, Ganesh statue, Himalayan crystals, incense sticks, inkjet photograph, ocean corals, rocks, sage (dried), sea shells, sea urchin shell, solid perfume, table stand, Tulsi beads, wood-carved flower, The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali (book), Zuni fetish.
(dimensions variable)

Drawing upon objects traditional to a daily Hindu puja, Inscape: In Memory of Dore Ashton is the artist’s multi-sensory call to remember and honor the life of her friend, the American art writer Dore Ashton (1928 – 2017).  Objects such as books, seashells, incense, rocks, perfumes and personal mementos are staged alongside fresh fruits and flowers that will decay with time– a symbolic presentation indicating how one may welcome and entertain the memory of a friend into the home. 

INSCAPE: In Memory of Dore Ashton
was first exhibited at Loss & Lucidity (The Lost & Found), curated by Diana Ali (UK) in August 2018, Santa Ana, CA.